LIVE MUSIC with Session Road from Fort Valley, Georgia

Session Road is a six member band that covering the best new and older country music in the state.

They chose the name Session Road in their search for a name that stands out and gets remembered. Their life as a duo and as individuals has always been one music “session” after another leading up to this moment.

  • Lee Peebles – lead vocals
  • Chad Keadle – vocals and rhythm
  • Scott Steward – lead guitar
  • Hal Branstetter – bass
  • Sammy Deep – drums

Lee and Chad are the two men who make up the vocal powerhouse of Session Road. They have sung and recorded together for years now and are introducing themselves back into country music as the powerful male duo they have come to be known as. They are backed by John on lead, Ray on rythym and writing the songs, Griff on bass, and Sammy on drums. Together, these six men create a sound that stands out and gets noticed. Every moment of their lives has been one music session after another, leading up to this moment.

Session Road is available for all venues, including weddings and private parties. Check them out on Friday, October 8, 2016 at Billy’s Club House in Macon, Georgia.

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