RECORDING STUDIO and Band Rooms – Jam at Macon, Georgia’s First Music and Band Incubator

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5/4 Music Space to empower Macon Musicians

Georgia music partners have gathered together to form of a new collaborative project to help bring the soul of music back to Macon, Georgia. These partners all have expressed similar interests in the Macon and formed the 5/4 Management Group to support the Georgia music scene. Their mission is to cultivate and develop musical art in Macon and Middle Georgia. Last year, the group opened the 5/4 Music space located at the former Tubman Museum site at 340 Walnut St, Macon, Georgia. The 5/4 Management Group team of music professionals collaborate to serve the developmental needs of new and experienced songwriters and musicians.


  • 10 practice rooms bands can rent (monthly)
  • Recording studio
  • Event space, which can hold about 125 people

It was reported, about half the bands leasing at the 5/4 have high school-age members, and the average age of the rest of the musicians is 20. Young artists often don’t have access to adequate rehearsal spots or equipment, but the 5/4 provides them with a place away from residential areas and supplies them with microphones, sound systems and other technical necessities. At $250 a month for the big rooms, $150 for medium-size rooms and $100 for a smaller one, rent at the 5/4 is significantly less than most other properties in Macon.

The 5/4 Management Group, who recently launched 5/4 Music Space on Walnut Street in Macon, Georgia, is seeking artists who are interested in enhancing their musical talents in a major way.

“If you’re a musician, come to the space, bring your instrument and jam out with us, perform in our open mic nights, get connected with other bands,” Andrew Eck said. “Everyone else, we would love for you to support the musical arts . . . It needs to be seen and heard. That’s when art truly becomes alive, when their is audience interaction.”

The Macon Telegraph reports during the next few months, the 5/4 will focus on planning events such as open mic nights and original-content concerts. The partners hope to eventually reach out to school children interested in music and help them form bands and learn to collaborate and write songs.

For more information on 5/4 Music Space contact Andrew Eck at

Members of the group discuss the history of the 5/4 Music Space and Management Team below.


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