ACOUSTIC BANDS – The DOVES – Macon, Georgia


The DOVES are an acoustic/electric duo that expresses duality:  male and female; light and dark; innocence and experience; joy and melancholy; sacred and profane.

Husband and wife team W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry bring their varied musical experiences and eclectic tastes together in a performance that is both original, yet affectingly familiar.  Trena is classically trained; Wade cut his teeth in rowdy bars and clubs.  Together, under various names and different combinations — and with Trena playing bass to Wade’s guitar — they played in bands during the nascent New Wave and Alternative scene.

Now, as The DOVES, they have crafted an original sound that is composed of welded harmonies; Trena’s accomplished ethereal/bluesy/folk vocals matched to Wade’s smoldering melodies; and Wade’s rhythmic thrum on guitar that blends Celtic, rock, and pop influences.

W. Wade and Trena Stooksberry (The DOVES) hail from beautiful Macon, GA – a town located an hour south of Atlanta, renowned for its amazingly rich musical heritage (Lena Horne, Little Richard, Otis Redding, James Brown, The Allman Brothers and Capricorn Records, Mike Mills and Bill Berry of REM, et. al.), as well as its signature antebellum architecture, which was spared by Sherman during his march to the sea.  Wade also claims musical DNA from his childhood in Memphis.

They have taken all these influences, and many more, to forge a sound both immediately familiar, and uniquely their own; spanning a gamut from Classic AOR to Adult Contemporary to New Wave, Blues, British Invasion, Southern Revival – and of course, being Southerners, Spiritual.

The DOVES have been capturing attention and acclaim from radio stations and bloggers both at home and abroad:  New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, LA, Seattle, San Francisco; London, Wales, Germany, the Netherlands, Paris, and elsewhere.




Wade and Trena
Telephone: (478) 747-8388

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