BANDS – Slater House Band – Warner Robins, Georgia


Slater House Band consists of five friends from Warner Robins, GA. In early 2011, brother and sister duo, Breanna and Cameron, set out on a mystical journey across the mists of Avalon in search of forming the greatest band to ever rip through annals of time. They enlisted the help of a drunken Captain and his Space Yacht to sail them across the Cosmic Sea of Zoop to the mystical islands of Pino. There they met a young, hungry man with an insatiable appetite for Rock and pizza. He was the wise Filipino Vohskee, and he joined them as a guide on their journey to find the ancient powers that could only be gifted to them by the omnipotent Adam Paul, a retired former child actor who specialized in DiGiorno pizza commercials for GAC. Upon finding their pizza boy, the epicness commenced. Each member of the band was given a special ring, forged in the fiery pits of the Planet’s Core. The rings represented the five Great Spiritual Animal Guides. Breanna, the Jaguar, was dark, mysterious, fierce and cunning. Cameron, the Turtle, was great and wise, teenage and ninja. Captain, the Seahorse, was known for his love of the ocean and lighthouses and his child rearing abilities. The Filipino, the leather Camel, was known for his resilience and his ability to retain water. Adam Paul, the Black Bear, was noble with a hunger that could only be described as meatlovers. With their rings combined, the band used their spirit guides to create a thunderous sound that rocked the foundations of civilization as we know it. Performing originals and covers, their rendition of ‘The Nightman Cometh’ gained them an enormous following and fame amongst the Muggles. Their latest project was shooting the YouTube sensation ‘How Handsome Dan Became a Zombie’ music video, which was premiered in Macon, Ga at the Historic Grant’s Lounge.




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